Nha Trang - Dalat - Sai Gon - Can Tho 7 days tour

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Nha Trang - Dalat - Sai Gon - Can Tho 7 days tour
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1st day: Depart from Nhatrang to Dalat 
2nd day: Depart from Dalat to Bao Loc
3rd day: Depart from Bao Loc to Dong Xoai 
4th Depart from Dong Xoai to Sai Gon
5th Depart Sai gon to Ben Tre 
6th  Depart from Ben Tre to Soc Trang
7th  Depart from Soc Trang to Can Tho

1st day: Depart from Nha Trang to Dalat
- Ceramic pagoda
- Rice field 
- K' Ho minority village.
- The Khanh Vinh pass (through Bidoup national park)
- Stop some places to enjoy a views of The Pass.
- Moka coffee plantation.
- Visit the flower farm.
- Visit the Vegetable farm.

2nd:  Depart from Da Lat to Bao Loc
 We drive through the forest path without many traffic and tourists. Where you visit the most beautiful countryside sceneries and even join in the local people’s life-style,
- Flower farm
- Rice Wine Cooking, 
- Silkworm village and silk factory.
- Weasel coffee. You also will enjoiying a real weasel coffee in a local farm
- Elephant waterfall. Trekking down a bit jungle and enjoy the cave of the falls.
- Visit Linh An pagoda.
- Mushroon Farm
- Pongua water falls.
- Pepper Plantation
Countinue to Di Linh town and stay overnight in this town.

3rd day: Depart from Bao Loc -  Dong Xoai town,
-Today we inmerse ourselves in the famous Trails and it’s magnific scenery. Our stops today include visits:
- Pepper plantation. Try enjoying the tropical fruits
- Bamboo making village
- Cashew nut factory
- Visit war monument. Big Pagoda in Dong Xoai town
- Cashew Nut plantations 
- Cassava farm,
- Over night at Dong Xoai area (The beginning point of the Ho Chi Minh trail from South to North)

4th day: Depart from Dong Xoai to Sai Gon
- On our way to flatter lands.
- Curry plantation. Visit rubber tree plantation
- We visit the famous Cu Chi tunnels. We’ll spend few hours to discover an immense network of connecting underground tunnels stretching for over 200kms and the locaton of several military capaigns. These tunnels played a vital part in the war.

5th day: Depart from Sai Gon to Ben Tre 
Visiting local market on the road, water coconuts, incence making, charcoal making, fruit garden, 
Cao Dai temple. Visiting a factory where you can see the traditional handicraft of VNeses. Arriving at around 4pm or 4.30pm. Stay over night in an Island. ( Coconuts monk history )
At night - Fly light watch ( Phoenix Island )

6th day: Depart from Ben Tre to Soc Trang
Leave the Island at about 7am in the morning for a boattrip cruising through small canals with full of palm trees covered, enjoy seeing local activities. visiting some factories making coconut candy..etc...back to the island and leaving there for Tra Vinh. Making some stops for mattress making, coconut fibre robes making..take some farries and back on the bike for driving by small roads through the rural areas. Arriving at about 4 or 5pm. Sleeping in hotel.

7th day: Depart from Soc Trang to Can Tho
In the morning :Visiting some over 1000 years old Khmer temples and also culture house of the Khmer with lots of interesting things and stories about. Leave Tra Vinh for Can Tho afterwards. visiting some houses of local vneses people see how they live and the ways they make their living. Stop at some fruites farms, enjoying some different fresh fruites ..etc. 

- The agriculture farm on tour can change, depend on season
- Those details are just basic, we will visit more attractions, provide more information, more stories...
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