Our Vehicles

Easy Riders Tours

With the feature of having to move on a variety of terrain, total travel time a day is about 4 hours with an average length of about 180km/ day. For that reason, the vehicles we select must meet the following criteria:
- Be comfortable for the person sitting behind
- Be strong enough to run on a variety of terrain types
- Be strong enough to carry passengers and luggage
- New vehicles, ensuring the smoothness of the journey
From the above requirements, the vehicles we select are the vehicles of Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, SYM of over150cc.
With self-riding customers: we offer more choices: Auto vehicles, semi-auto vehicles or motorbikes.

Particularly with Jeep tours, depending on the number of people/ groups, we will provide Russian Jeep or American Jeep. But whether any Jeep, our vehicles always ensure the technical requirements, aesthetics and sense of freedom of a roadster

We commit to bring the comfort and sense of fun to every journey