Safety and protection

Easy Riders Tours

- Insurance: All passengers participating in motorbike tour under the form of sitting behind or car tour are provided insurance by us upon request. This is an extra choice because almost tourists had their separate travel insurance. Insurance cost for our tour is $ 2/ day/ person. Insurance limit by the insurance company provides has the highest level of $ 5,000

- Protective equipment is provided:
* Helmet: We provide the 3/4 helmet ensuring all safety parameters required by Vietnam traffic law. The helmet we choose ensure safety and comfort for you in the hot and humid weather of the tropical region
* Protective equipment for arms and legs: We provide protective armor for arms and legs for all passengers participating in motorbike tour, both passengers sitting behind and passengers self-ride
* Raincoat: As one rainy tropical country, in order to avoid adverse weather, we provide good raincoat for customers throughout the journey
* Bag for luggage protection: Help avoid wet, dust and protect customer’s luggage during the journey, we always keep your luggage in plastic bags. You do not need to bother about them.