Sai Gon - Hochiminh trail - Ha Noi 17 days

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Sai Gon - Hochiminh trail - Ha Noi 17 days
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1st day: Depart from Sai Gon to Dong Xoai
- On our way to flatter lands.
- Curry plantation.
- Visit rubber tree plantation
- We visit the famous Cu Chi tunnels. We’ll spend few hours to discover an immense network of connecting underground tunnels stretching for over 200kms and the locaton of several military capaigns. These tunnels played a vital part in the war.

2nd day: Depart from Dong Xoai to Dak Mil
- Today we inmerse ourselves in the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail and it’s magnific scenery. Our stops today include visits:
- Pepper plantation.
- Bamboo making village
- Cashew nut factory
- Visit war monument.
- Stop over at frontier area as close as to the possible to the Cambodian border on the real war remmants of the HCM trail.

3rd day: Depart from Dak Mil to Lak
- We drive through the forest path without many traffic and tourists. Where you visit the most beautiful countryside sceneries and even join in the local people’s life-style.
Take photos of people farming and fishing
- Trekking to the top of the Elephant rock mountain
- Take the Ho Chi Minh Trail to visit Dray Sap, Dray Nu falls
- Swim in Fairy pool, take a water massage from waterfall
We make a short trek through the jungle followed by a swim and dip in a natural spa in Gialong falls.

4th day: Depart from Lak to Buon Ma Thuot
Keep going to Lak lake: the natural lake in Central Highland.
- Visit to the Jun Minority Village. Acommodation is in a choice of traditional Long house or modern bungalow right on the shore of Lak lake, so that you enjoy the breathtaking scenery and watch the ethnic minority fishermen checking their nets. Keep in touch with the minority people ( M'nong people) do trekking in and seeing another village or elephant riding is available through more picturesque landscape of natural Lak Lake in central highlands.( extra pay)

5th day: Depart from Buon Me Thuot to Pleiku
- Leaving Pleiku for Buon Me Thuot to learn more about the rural daily life of the Highlanders as well as ethnic minorities.
- Rice noodle making.
- Casssva Farm
- Views rubber plantations
- Cashew and black pepper gardens
- Traveling on the old Ho Chi Minh trail
- War monument.

6th day: Depart from Pleiku to Kontum
- Visit Kon Ktu village and their traditional Rong house...
- Visit wooden church ( French Church since 1930)
- Visit Kon tum Prison “1930 – 1945”
- Visit The Orphanage
- Visit Sea Lake ( which used to be a volcanic crater that stopped working a million years ago)
- Visit the Green field of Bana people.

7th day: Depart from Kon Tum to Kham Duc
Continue following the Ho Chi Minh road which spectacular view then you`ll see
- Phoenix Airport ( during of vietnam war)
- See Trieng Minority Village and try crossing the monkey Bridge
- Stop over at indochine three corner ( Indochina
In a narrower sense, Indochina refers only to Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea, which between 1893 and 1954 were united politically under the name French Indochina)
- Charlie hill (vietnam war )
- Visit the Dakto battle field ( Effected by Agent Orange )

8th day:Depart from Kham Duc to Hoi An
- Visit Cham tower.
- Rice field
- Visit rice paper and brick making
- Incense making
- Visit Cao Dai temple
- Come to visit pineapple plantation.
Following Ho Chi Minh road, where you visit the most beautiful Highland sceneries, panoramic view of the mountain and even join in the local people’s life-style.
- Stop over at the minority village to discover the local's culture and customs
- Enjoy water fall on the Ho Chi Minh road
- Explore the local market of the mountain town

9th day: Depart from Hoi An to Hue
Hue used to be the ancient capital of vietnam.
Leaving from Hue for Hoi an we can visit:
- Fishing village.
- Paddies fields.
- Visit the Elephant Waterfall where you can swim there..
- Stop the Lang Co Beach.
- Crossing the top of the Hai Van Pass ( panoramic view of the China Beach)
- Travel through Danang to stop at the famous China Beach with its fine white sand
- Stop at Marble Mountains ( one an hour for trekking up to the Mountain)

10th day: staying in Hue one night.
Hue used to be the accient capital of Vietnam, so it’s worth staying one day to visit and learn more about the vietnamese traditions, history, customs and culture, before going to visit Linh Mu pagoda, Kim lonh old village, where you can learn about the making of the traditional ricewine, the way the locals harvest rice on the rice fields, and also visit Hue museum, citadel and ride on a boat to listen to Hues folk songs.

11th day: Depart from Hue to Dong Hoi
Continue traveling on Ho Chi Minh trail to see the breath-taking nature of Northern Truong Son mountain, hitting to Vinh Moc tunnels to learn more about the Civil off vietnam before 1975 “ DMZ area” 

12th day: Depart from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha Caves 
Leave Phong Nha for Dong Hoi.
In the moring we spend around 4 hours exploring the area by foot andboat to see Phong Nha caves and wonderfull view of the National Park “ Phong Nha caves is one of the two Natural World Heritages of Vietnam” then we continue to Ho Chi Minh trail. On the road to see Phu HoaChurch, the Battle field village.

13th day: Depart from Phong Nha Caves to Ky Anh
Hitting the road to Da Nhay beach.. visit the shrimo farms, a salt making village and stop Ngang Pass to see the amazing scenery

14th day: Depart from Ky Anh to Vinh
Leave Vinh to Ky Anh, visiting along the way: Huong Tich pagoda, the Historic vestige Dong Loc Three Way Crossroad, The Nguyen Du Great Poet Monument and local tradisional villages on the way

15th day: Depart from Vinh (Ho Chi Minh’s Homeland) to Thanh Hoa
We’ll push further along the road to visit Sen village, where Ho Chi Minh was born and grew up in there as well as Chua village, to visit the Ba Trieu temple, then go to different smaller villages to see the locals make the traditional mats, marble stones and watch the way they roll and process tobacco

16th day: Depart from hanh Hoa to Hoa Binh
Now we’ll leave Hoa Binh in the early for Thanh Hoa.
Visit Ho Dynasty and continue following the Ho Chi Minh trail to get some great photos before visiting the Spiritual Fish Springs, Fairy Cavesand visit the Muong homestay and meet the locals people

17th day: Depart from Hoa Binh to Ha Noi
Leaving Ha noi for Hoa Binh, on the route we’ll visit the Viet Muong village, Hoa Binh lake and enjoy the wonderful views on the top of Hoa binh Hydro Electricity Dam and go to a small village to see their daily life working with wood.

- The agriculture farm on tour can change, depend on season
- Those details are just basic, we will visit more attractions, provide more information, more stories...
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